SWABCHA was initiated as a substructure of the Federation of Swaziland Employers and Chamber of Commerce (FSE&CC) in 2001, as a response by employers to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS on their employees and business. On the 1st of July 2008, we registered as an independent section 21 company, since being designated by the National Strategic Framework 2009-2014 as the coordinating/umbrella body for the private sector response, due to our comparative advantage in this field.


To have a healthy worker and healthy business


To promote a motivated, productive, healthy workforce and healthy business


To mitigate the impact of HIV and other health conditions in the private sector


Strategic Objectives:

  1. To coordinate the private sector response.
  2. To increase and improve workplace wellness programming.
  3. To strengthen SWABCHA's institutional capacity.
  4. To strengthen SWABCHA sustainability.

It is seen that Tuberculosis (TB), Heart Disease, Malaria and Diabetes are other emerging diseases that are increasing the disease load on society and the private sector. To this end as an organisation committed to evolving with the changing landscape of employee health, we have broadened our programming to tackle these diseases in addition to HIV/AIDS.

Our Core Activities Include: