As an organisation we are committed to assisting large and small companies in creating and maintaining an effective workplace wellness program that tackles the spectrum of employee health issues. To this end we offer the below workplace wellness services at minimum cost:

Technical Advice

Highly skilled and experienced staff deliver Technical Assistance in all facets of Workplace Health Programming, including: Policy Creation & Review; Program Development & Implementation; Monitoring & Evaluation Framework Design & Implementation.

A fully comprehensive service; we accompany a business through as many steps of the process as they require. For instance, when facilitating "Policy Creation" we can guide through: the formation of a representative team; employee and management review of policy guide; and signing and publication/launch of the document.

Awareness Sessions

Awareness sessions aim to empower both management and employees with knowledge which will allow for positive health and life choices to be made. Tailored to suit the needs of each workplace sessions are offered in either thirty or sixty minute timeslots.

A wide range of awareness session topics can be delivered, including: HIV/AIDS Misconceptions; HIV Prevention (Male Circumcision, PMTCT); Treatment and Positive Living; HIV Gender and Human Rights; Company Policy & Program Awareness; Malaria and TB. Plus sessions on Non Communicable Disease such as Diabetes, Cancer, and Heart Disease are offered.

In order to keep each session interactive, questions are encouraged throughout and at conclusion, a dialogue/debate is facilitated.

Condom Supply and Distribution

SWABCHA can supply both male and female condoms to your business. In line with the Government regulations, we will not only distribute condoms, but also conduct condom demonstration sessions on correct usage for employees.

"Increasing correct condom usage will reduce new infections"

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Peer Education Training

A HIV/AIDS Peer Educator Program involves nominated employees receiving special training as to allow them to be a facilitator, counselor and friend to their fellow employees on health issues.

We offer a Peer Educator training that runs over four days, covering the areas of: HIV/AIDS and TB contraction, prevention and management, stigma and discrimination, gender and HIV, communication and basic counseling skills, whilst empowering participants to be able to make client referrals, provide commodities such as condoms and deliver services such as psycho social support.

The training can be conducted on-site at your business or at an external venue, which we can coordinate on request.

When deciding the number of Peer Educators needed for your workplace, a ratio of one peer educator for every fifty employees is recommended.

Mobile Wellness Clinic

A Mobile Wellness Clinic with trained staff is able to be hired to provide diagnostic services at your Workplace. HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC), Basic TB Screening, Blood Glucose Level Testing, Cholesterol Level Testing and Blood Pressure Level Testing are available, with clients referred to the nearest clinic or hospital for further diagnosis or treatment as necessary.

If it is not feasible for the clinic to operate outside your workplace, staff can easily relocate to a room of your choice inside your establishment.

It is recommended Mobile Clinic Services, in particular HTC be made available to your employees once every three months.

Event Coordination: Family / Community / World AIDS Day

Our strong experience in co-coordinating a range of health events such as: Family Days, Peer Educator Days, Employee Wellness Days, Policy Launches and World AIDS Day Celebrations, allows us to work with you to deliver an event that surpasses expectations.

An aspect of this service is partnering with other local NGO's to strengthen access to information and services at the event in areas beyond our expertise: i.e. TB, Cancer, Nutrition, Heart Disease Nutrition, Sexual Reproductive Health, Abuse and many more.

"Family Days enable the family group to access information together, making future discussions in the household on health issues much more probable"

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